#lang scheme/base

;; A derived standard Forth.

;; This is an example of how to implement one Forth syntax on top of
;; another one using ONLY the parser frontend.  It is similar to
;; live/ where Forth interaction mode is simulated using
;; Scat words.

;; 8-bit data PICs have 12, 14 or 16 bit instruction cores. The low
;; level Forth machines use the native data and code size. However, it
;; might be beneficial to write a more standard single cell size Forth
;; on top of this, i.e. to implement ANS.

;; Components:
;;   - core compiler (on top of performs lit/word mapping
;;   - substitution rules introduce syntactic constructs
;;   - written in terms of primitive macros


 (macro _) macro:

 ((: name)      (: name))