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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#309 Parsing bug discovered new neil defect minor
#319 current-print is inactive new neil enhancement major
#370 writing comment inserts extra spaces new neil defect major
#427 Subquotes break the csv-reader new neil defect major
#434 install complains new neil defect major
#450 stty on mac doesn't support -F new neil defect major
#467 Doc bug in csv->list applied to a string new neil defect major
#490 Unable to install new neil defect major
#507 Font lock doesn't work for subsubsubsection new neil defect major
#281 Please consider using development links. new ocorcoll task major
#148 Cannot load package in 4.1.4 new oesterholt defect major
#218 ^M end-of-lines new orseau defect minor
#237 scribble text renderer dies with a type error new robby defect major
#282 Unable to make 4.2.5 with shared libraries enabled. new robby defect major
#290 compile: unbound identifier in module new robby enhancement major some
#292 png_set_gray_1_2_4_to_8 not found while compiling new robby defect major
#124 rename to new ryanc enhancement minor
#411 Growing memory consumption when using ryanc/db.plt new ryanc defect major
#357 Upgrade bindings to the current Cairo release new samth defect major
#147 Planet breakage? Some surprising dependencies from xmlrpc.plt new schematics defect major
#156 test-suite semantics change makes my code infinite loop accepted schematics task major
#160 Port to typed-scheme accepted schematics enhancement major
#191 SchemeUnit checks for syntax errors new schematics enhancement major
#197 Warnings and a crash while installing on Windows assigned schematics defect major
#210 Fails to compile with 4.2.2 new schematics defect major
#211 Depends on Schemeunit 1:2, which doesn't compile assigned schematics defect major
#219 error on require new schematics defect major
#534 Fixing the test files new shawnpresser defect major
#175 srfi.plt does not install cleanly due to error in new soegaard defect major
#195 prime? of neg. number doesn't end new soegaard defect trivial
#214 scribble warnings new soegaard defect major
#217 segments->painter return is failing on being passed to paint new soegaard defect major
#242 Digest contexts are leaked. new soegaard defect major
#280 eof error new soegaard defect critical
#433 install complains new soegaard defect major
#1462 transform-painter fails on non-rectangle configuration new soegaard defect major
#238 note that you need to restart DrScheme after (require ...)-ing the projectmgr accepted spdegabrielle task minor
#194 problem including this file from planeT new synx defect minor
#505 Implicit passing of monad argument new toups enhancement major
#506 Get and put new toups enhancement major
#130 Use of set-cdr! accepted untyped defect major
#137 Doesn't work in Current Version of PLT accepted untyped defect major
#138 Doesn't work in Current Version of PLT new untyped defect major
#139 Doesn't work in Current Version of PLT new untyped defect major
#220 warnings from documentation new untyped defect major
#387 compilation error new untyped defect major
#116 long startup time new vegashacker enhancement major
#131 stack trace is often mostly unusable new vegashacker defect major
#143 Request for docs on interaction model new vyzo enhancement major
#274 mzsocket fails to install cleanly on OS X (10.5 and 10.6) new vyzo defect minor
#345 socket.plt fails to install new vyzo defect major
#207 Sudoku example doesn't work accepted williams defect major
#322 Racket v5.1 for/vector new wmfarr enhancement trivial
#415 bug in firmata.scrbl new xtofs defect major
#125 Docs link unavailable; .DS_Store file unnecessary new zitterbewegung defect minor
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