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#1851 weight lose 693675 new Dima_ defect major
#1852 No More Breakage! New Hair Brush Gentle On Latest Styles new Dima_ defect major
#1853 weight lose 399989898 new Dima_ defect major
#1854 weight lose222222246545 new Dima_ defect major
#1855 How We Burn Fatness Easily new Dima_ defect major
#1856 weight lose15414132 new Dima_ defect major
#1857 End of All Fat with Gojipro new Dima_ defect major
#1858 oostecwk new Inaimathi enhancement critical some
#179 c.plt fails to install correctly needinfo dherman defect minor
#1488 ZeroMQ integration with Racket 5.3.2 on Windows broken in FFI-lib needinfo jaymccarthy defect minor
#104 setup fails on hash store; hash-store.plt/1/4/ expand: unbound identifier in module in: base64-filename-safe assigned eli defect major
#164 Pressing end causes error assigned dyoo defect major
#165 Pressing unicode in command mode causes insertion assigned dyoo defect major
#197 Warnings and a crash while installing on Windows assigned schematics defect major
#211 Depends on Schemeunit 1:2, which doesn't compile assigned schematics defect major
#241 f4 toggle menu item does not show keyboard shortcut assigned dyoo enhancement trivial
#328 claims to install successfully, but doesn't seem to actually work assigned dyoo defect major
#130 Use of set-cdr! accepted untyped defect major
#137 Doesn't work in Current Version of PLT accepted untyped defect major
#156 test-suite semantics change makes my code infinite loop accepted schematics task major
#160 Port to typed-scheme accepted schematics enhancement major
#207 Sudoku example doesn't work accepted williams defect major
#238 note that you need to restart DrScheme after (require ...)-ing the projectmgr accepted spdegabrielle task minor
#330 Unable to create unique indices accepted jaymccarthy enhancement major
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