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#133 Use of {{{set-cdr!}}} new jim defect major
#131 stack trace is often mostly unusable new vegashacker defect major
#130 Use of set-cdr! accepted untyped defect major
#129 audit duplicate-variable errors/non-errors new dherman task critical
#127 errors on initial compile new dherman defect major
#125 Docs link unavailable; .DS_Store file unnecessary new zitterbewegung defect minor
#124 rename to new ryanc enhancement minor
#122 coverage for compiler tests new dherman task major
#121 test infrastructure for different compilation modes new dherman task major
#120 binding arrows in DrScheme broken new dherman defect major
#116 long startup time new vegashacker enhancement major
#114 Doc warnings new dherman defect major
#104 setup fails on hash store; hash-store.plt/1/4/ expand: unbound identifier in module in: base64-filename-safe assigned eli defect major
#99 add an expansion phase to the compiler new dherman task major
#95 make a csv-reader that takes in an input-port new neil enhancement minor
#87 Incompatible with mzscheme 4+ new daedalus defect major
#81 make prophecies sequences new dherman enhancement major
#56 parameter for top-level let semantics new dherman enhancement major
#54 "use lexical scope" pragma new dherman task major
#41 implement read-only __proto__ new dherman enhancement minor
#40 over-parenthesization in while-conditions new dherman defect minor
#39 regular expressions aren't implemented new dherman task minor
#38 numbers are unfaithful to spec new dherman defect minor
#36 implement JavaScript library fully new dherman task minor
#35 possible semantic issues with exceptions new dherman defect major
#34 Function.prototype.toString should produce source new dherman enhancement major
#33 make-filter-input-port hopelessly broken new dherman defect major
#32 optional and keyword args new dherman enhancement major
#31 make sets sequences new dherman enhancement major
#29 memoization is not thread-safe new dherman enhancement major
#25 make-response/xhtml/full new dherman enhancement major
#22 stream-partition unusable new dherman defect major
#18 stream-split-at new dherman defect major
#13 support for v3 and v4 new dherman defect major
#5 API requests new dherman enhancement major
#3 fmt uses set-cdr! new ashinn defect major
#2 sample bug new eli defect major
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