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#257 "__kernel square" should be "__kernel void square" in test.ss jaymccarthy/opencl.plt closed fixed defect trivial jaymccarthy 02/09/10
#499 "not a procedure" problem on Windows clements/rsound.plt new defect minor clements 12/10/12
#144 "require" in docs seems out-of-date jaymccarthy/sqlite.plt closed defect major jaymccarthy 02/12/09
#54 "use lexical scope" pragma dherman/javascript.plt new task major dherman 09/09/08
#294 #:limit values other than 1 return the whole collection in mongo-collection-find jaymccarthy/mongodb.plt closed fixed defect minor jaymccarthy 08/25/10
#254 #f is passed to clGetPlatformInfo in test.ss jaymccarthy/opencl.plt closed invalid defect minor jaymccarthy 02/09/10
#268 (choose n m) doesn't work for large numbers (runtime error) williams/science.plt closed fixed defect major williams 04/08/10
#460 (open ...) should accept a string jaymccarthy/sqlite.plt closed wontfix defect major jaymccarthy 08/07/12
#323 (rsound-play ding) does not play in Debian sid clements/rsound.plt new defect major clements 02/25/11
#208 (string->number x 10) expects string but is getting #<sql-null> jaz/mysql.plt closed fixed defect major jaz 01/06/10
#1619 (string->yaml "a:") throws a non-scanner-error esilkensen/yaml.plt closed fixed defect major esilkensen 02/28/14
#170 ->BlockStatement called incorrect in #%try dherman/javascript.plt closed defect major dherman 05/12/09
#135 2dd doesnt work kazzmir/vi.plt closed defect major kazzmir 12/08/08
#5 API requests dherman/set.plt new enhancement major dherman 08/28/08
#28 Ancient version of SchemeUnit causes errors and embarassment! dherman/io.plt closed defect major dherman 09/03/08
#1114 Bad typecheck in map, foldl, foldr krhari/pfds.plt new defect major krhari 07/06/13
#1801 Besser fühlen Calriphen 23rdSchemer/sanng.plt new defect trivial 23rdSchemer 07/24/15
#335 Better error messages asumu/sweet.plt closed fixed defect major asumu 08/04/11
#298 Better error messages for accessors krhari/pfds.plt new enhancement minor krhari 09/12/10
#199 Bug in gamma-inc implementation and documentation williams/science.plt closed defect major williams 08/27/09
#148 Cannot load package in 4.1.4 oesterholt/internat.plt new defect major oesterholt 02/08/09
#299 Cannot typecheck (equal? (list) (list)) krhari/pfds.plt new defect major krhari 09/12/10
#1794 Channel mask should be 0xf instead of 0x7 clements/midi.plt new defect major clements 11/16/14
#162 Contracts not working or documentation incorrect jaymccarthy/sqlite.plt closed defect major jaymccarthy 04/06/09
#196 Could not find any of (libcblas libgslcblas) under paths (/usr/lib) wmfarr/plt-linalg.plt closed defect major wmfarr 08/10/09
#446 Crashes when using text-fields without label williams/table-panel.plt closed fixed defect major williams 07/20/12
#223 DLGolaCiJ dyoo/join-forest.plt closed fixed defect major robby 12/28/09
#211 Depends on Schemeunit 1:2, which doesn't compile schematics/password.plt assigned defect major schematics 10/23/09
#267 Development version of PLT complains of duplicate definition kazzmir/x11.plt closed fixed defect major kazzmir 12/22/10
#242 Digest contexts are leaked. soegaard/digest.plt new defect major soegaard 01/02/10
#467 Doc bug in csv->list applied to a string neil/csv.plt new defect major neil 09/05/12
#114 Doc warnings dherman/memoize.plt new defect major dherman 10/30/08
#125 Docs link unavailable; .DS_Store file unnecessary zitterbewegung/uuid-v4.plt new defect minor zitterbewegung 11/10/08
#417 Documentation bug orseau/script-plugin.plt closed fixed defect major orseau 04/27/12
#313 Documentation bug: Incorrect SCRBL markup dutchyn/aspectscheme.plt new defect trivial dutchyn 12/04/10
#172 Documentation links have red underline tov/affine-contracts.plt closed defect major tov 04/22/09
#347 Documentation uses quartile instead of quantile williams/science.plt closed fixed defect minor williams 08/29/11
#193 Does not load without errors dyoo/simply-scheme.plt closed worksforme defect major dyoo 06/22/11
#132 Doesn't seem to work with PLT 4.1.3 untyped/dispatch.plt closed defect major untyped 12/28/08
#137 Doesn't work in Current Version of PLT untyped/delicious.plt accepted defect major untyped 01/13/09
#138 Doesn't work in Current Version of PLT untyped/delicious.plt new defect major untyped 12/16/08
#139 Doesn't work in Current Version of PLT untyped/delicious.plt new defect major untyped 12/16/08
#145 Doesn't work on mac os x ppc wmfarr/SO31.plt closed defect major wmfarr 01/06/09
#518 Doesnt' run kazzmir/planet-manager.plt new defect major kazzmir 03/23/13
#186 Dracula errors on (just) + or - at REPL cce/dracula.plt new defect major cce 06/01/09
#157 Email address incorrect in documentation schematics/schemeunit.plt closed defect critical schematics 03/25/09
#488 Empty file reports wrong error dherman/json.plt new defect minor dherman 10/29/12
#203 Error in Correlation Function williams/science.plt closed defect major williams 09/18/09
#270 Error in make-hasheq jaymccarthy/mongodb.plt closed fixed defect major jaymccarthy 03/26/10
#174 Error in require schematics/benchmark.plt closed defect major schematics 05/06/09
#60 Error message on loading Schemeunit GUI schematics/schemeunit.plt closed defect major schematics 09/18/08
#338 Error with Racket 5.1.2 and bzlib bzlib/base.plt new defect major bzlib 08/06/11
#222 Failed statements prevent me from closing database jaymccarthy/sqlite.plt closed fixed defect major jaymccarthy 11/05/10
#285 Fails to compile dherman/javascript.plt new defect major dherman 05/27/10
#212 Fails to compile untyped/unlib.plt closed defect major untyped 11/13/09
#210 Fails to compile with 4.2.2 schematics/port.plt new defect major schematics 10/18/09
#158 Feature request: lang/this-package cce/scheme.plt new enhancement major cce 03/22/09
#177 First line blank -> broken indenting abromfie/drocaml.plt new defect major abromfie 05/13/09
#534 Fixing the test files shawnpresser/racket-unix-sockets.plt new defect major shawnpresser 04/17/13
#507 Font lock doesn't work for subsubsubsection neil/scribble-emacs.plt new defect major neil 01/24/13
#329 Frequency counting benchmark hash-for-each bug dvanhorn/ralist.plt new defect minor dvanhorn 04/23/11
#34 Function.prototype.toString should produce source dherman/javascript.plt new enhancement major dherman 09/08/08
#136 Galore 4.0 fails to install due to new SRFI-42 implementation; patch attached soegaard/galore.plt closed defect major wmfarr 12/15/08
#506 Get and put toups/functional.plt new enhancement major toups 01/02/13
#411 Growing memory consumption when using ryanc/db.plt ryanc/db.plt new defect major ryanc 03/08/12
#1803 Have you thought about moving this to MELPA? (EOM) neil/scribble-emacs.plt new enhancement minor neil 09/19/15
#363 Hello world doesn't compile dyoo/js-vm.plt new defect major dyoo 09/11/11
#59 Hello world example fails vegashacker/leftparen.plt closed defect major vegashacker 09/26/08
#79 Home Insurance _default-component closed defect major robby 10/05/08
#505 Implicit passing of monad argument toups/functional.plt new enhancement major toups 01/02/13
#103 Incompatible file path separators in the documentation williams/science.plt closed defect trivial williams 10/16/08
#109 Incompatible with PLT 4.0 neil/htmlprag.plt closed fixed defect major neil 05/25/10
#87 Incompatible with mzscheme 4+ daedalus/prometheus.plt new defect major daedalus 09/27/08
#155 Incorrect rendering of case clauses dherman/javascript.plt closed defect major dherman 03/22/09
#84 Incorrect rendering of for-in blocks dherman/javascript.plt closed defect major dherman 09/28/08
#306 Index for GeoSpatial Queries jaymccarthy/mongodb.plt closed invalid defect major jaymccarthy 11/05/10
#307 Index for GeoSpatial Queries (fixed report) jaymccarthy/mongodb.plt closed invalid defect major jaymccarthy 11/05/10
#190 Issue with docs tutorial with plt-scheme 4.2 untyped/dispatch.plt closed defect major untyped 06/19/09
#449 JSON parser incorrectly parses '[' with newline and then ']' dherman/json.plt new defect major dherman 07/28/12
#332 Looks like this language extension is broken on latest version of Racket and PLT-Scheme abromfie/drocaml.plt new defect major abromfie 05/03/11
#119 Missing Scribble Sources untyped/mirrors.plt closed defect major untyped 11/06/08
#239 Mistype jaymccarthy/sqlite.plt closed fixed defect trivial jaymccarthy 11/05/10
#185 Modular ACL2 reacts poorly to mixing of "code" and exports cce/dracula.plt new defect minor cce 06/01/09
#264 More consistent APIs jaymccarthy/opencl.plt closed wontfix enhancement minor jaymccarthy 11/05/10
#293 More examples! jaymccarthy/mongodb.plt closed fixed task minor jaymccarthy 08/16/10
#289 MzScheme display doesn't work when stdout is redirected _default-component closed invalid defect critical robby 07/09/10
#336 MzScheme not running on OS X 10.6.8+10.7/MBP Early 2011 (Sandy Bridge) Dima_/Tray.plt closed invalid defect major Dima_ 08/22/11
#159 Necesito Package PLAI plai/plai.plt closed defect major jaymccarthy 05/19/09
#409 Negative numbers unsupported jeeve/live.plt new defect major jeeve 02/05/12
#85 New official version of LeftParen released; please remove this version from PLaneT fjl/leftparen.plt closed task critical robby 09/26/08
#416 New scripts doesn't show up after updating orseau/script-plugin.plt closed fixed task major orseau 04/28/12
#169 Non numeric version wmfarr/simple-matrix.plt closed enhancement major wmfarr 04/07/09
#58 None neil/csv.plt closed enhancement critical robby 09/22/08
#78 None lshift/xxexpr.plt closed task critical robby 09/22/08
#72 None cobbe/environment.plt closed task major robby 09/22/08
#69 None dherman/csv-write.plt closed task minor robby 09/22/08
#75 None neil/htmlprag.plt closed task trivial robby 09/22/08
#188 Not a ticket for this component, but the request enhancement for the web server untyped/dispatch.plt closed enhancement minor jaymccarthy 06/05/09
#317 Number parsing bugs dherman/json.plt closed fixed defect blocker dherman 02/07/12
#65 PLeuozNvH soegaard/web.plt closed defect trivial soegaard 09/19/08
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