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You stop taking the drug so again if you are anti-depressant drug is affecting your sexual performance or your sexual desire man that's going to probably just aid in making you more depressed so as a really good I would definitely recommend that if you're taking some drugs like that you talk with your doctor about that you just you remain very aware of how her sexual health is being affected because overtime I if you are on these drugs for significant amount of time you may have significant affects your sexual health that may change your life all around and give you side effects that you definitely don't want lurking long after you stop taking the drug in another thing I'd like to mention about antidepressant drugs and SSRI's is that doctor Helen Rogers Rutgers University actually has theorized that antidepressant drugs in SSRI's may actually also affect our  Vydox capabilities to love and to fall in love and that kind of looking at the motive action have a lot of these drugs in the way that the effectorneurotransmitters the way they actually are affecting the messages in our brain that our ability to have Pat compassion that love to achieve that connection with someone.

I may also be affected by these drugs so that may kind of explain why sexual desire and arousal is affected it may be completely unrelated but that is something %uh interests you know so if you're on these drugs and you're feeling you know withdrawn from your relationship or you were feeling really in love with someone and then you got on your antidepressant and now you're just not early feeling into them anymore ohm that that can be a side effect up those drugs and that's something to be aware of and definitely take into account if you’re in a situation that you're taking these drugs are someone that you love for you know is taking these drugs something that is probably not in the small print about package but something definitely worth knowing about as consumers in now mostly information today is coming from NH dot gob and if you actually go to that website and kind of search for drugs that affect sexual health I you'll get the laundry list that I got am always different drugs that may affect.


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