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How we increase body performance easily

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it's also important it’s good for your head it's good for your spirit it's good for your body Judith Or off concurs with the importance of the mind body spirit balance of male sexual health that's working with the elements sexual energy not just the biology of sexuality in terms of getting more blood flow to ascertain air balancing hormones which is very essential new love that to balance mind body spirit energy you work with all those elements when it comes to male and female sexuality and the good news is that with the right kind of support an approach those sexual energies can continue to flow at virtually any age we can be perfect at almost every age now can I go run around the block like I did when I was 20 no can I still run around the block well takes me a little longer but the answer is yes so sexual activity as we age should be even more enjoyable maybe not as energetic maybe not as long but certainly as satisfying certainly possible and should be and should be part I love a good healthy long I think fulfilling life so it looks like that whole body approach is the way to go I know most those who like that one pill quick fix but the better strategy for the long term does seem to be taking really good care of our total body not just one isolated part overt important as that may be I’m the following presentation is controversial and may be offensive to some audiences viewer discretion is advised by my name is Josh and this is a fish and just a few minutes I'm going to show you how this fish will help you get laid and I'll do it out teaching you cheesy pick up lines that don't work without letting me spend a dime on dinners and drinks and without anyone ever noticing you ‘reusing his techniques on them but first I got to warn you I've taught this technique you're about to learn to over a hundred ten thousand guys just like you who live in over 30countries around the world it's going to make hot women stare at you and uncontrollably chase you but to be fair to  Vydox the other one hundred thousand-plus guys who shoved money in my pockets to teach them this technique already I'm only going to be able to leave this video up for 24 hours.


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