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How to take care of your skin with Dermangelie

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I get into that let's first address the problem with most skin whitening products out on the market today most skin whitening products in the market today contain harmful chemicals like hydro Quinn one and Mercury hydrocodone  Dermangelie one is one the most widely used ingredients in skin whitening products this substance is so hazardous that its actually banned for sale in Europe and some other parts of the world hi true queen one is used in feeding dark patches skin to even out your skin come but it’s not something that should be used for extended periods of time hydro green one can cause a skin condition known as ok run who sees where black patches will start appearing on your skin making you look worse than before you started the treatment the second dangerous chemical found in skin whitening products is mercury you may not know it but mercury is actually a very effective skin lightening ingredient which is why it was used right up until the start of the 20th century not there is one problem with Mercury and daddy's that it is a very potent poison mercury poisoning is caused by the mercury getting absorbed through the person skin symptoms may include slight memory loss chronic fatigue my greens and it also destroys the kidneys so be wary of the dangers the skin whitening products and always check if it contains even the smallest amount of mercury another problem is also not knowing which skin lightening products works best for you since most to the skin whitening websites that promote skin whitening.


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