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How to Get Rid of Wrinkles Around Mouth

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You can live a healthy vital energetic like well past the age of one hundred how close are we will science is close to giving a second century of life to everyone through everything from radical cutting-edge technology to simple changes in how you eat and health expert is going to be doing a full episode with her on this revolutionary topic tomorrow bathe sack with us right here and is giving us a sneak peek it's little known fact that is actually a hundred and eighty years old but he is here today to tell us I loll how if okay let's get started are you saying we're actually looking at the possibility that 99 is the new 50 it is a true and the back what we’re really talking about this whole concept that extreme longevity okay what do we know for sure today that we can do club for so we know there's a chemical called startling that tells the body to live longer the what's the bestspecced turns out that beat a crocus and you cut down their caloric intake called calorie restriction by a third they'll live a third longer imagine that a hill which were doing calorie restriction when they're studied showing rejuvenation up there arteries up their hearts the actual begin to behave that the younger than they really are okay touches calories than what does that mean to cut fresh humid how many calories can you have a day and how many hit you come back well most of us k cut that there are cows that's impossible but the good news is that you can cut 15 percent if your calories out you can still get lost the bet that sell  Dermangelie slept with you I am get great deal for us while being used for you want to be doing something right spell.


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