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I’ve arrested on your day you can begin using an will be there I gave some the brand bar deaths in Ten triple pay in Eland  Dermangelie bar mixer Kathleen this will prevent further irritation from the year from urine and stool make sure your you're changing your baby’s diaper as frequently as necessary to keep your baby skin dry your baby has turned off to ration drive-bys handgun noticeably book better within 48to 72 hours and it's important for you to consult your healthcare provider whether that be a pediatrician war family practice chair number now your baby develops acne so your be not at me pimple breaking out on her face and hands on back to you usually happens at four to five weeks life and it may be worth may be made worse if you need in life and she that in longer in harsh detergents or your BBS oil I know she sped so what we should do is placed saw clean blanket underhand while she's away and Washington-based gently once a day with a mile baby so to remove no or church in rest engine number ten is to believe in yourself its awesome experience to you take care little more and I provided you with 10 basic tips.

Your me good skin here help the students have been helpful thank you very much for listening have great day hey guys such ideas be up for you yesterday but everything that could go wrong did go on so I apologize for that I'll leave a little no down below in the Description box let you guys know what happened yesterday so that we don't knower anybody in this so today's going to be my skin care video I’m just going to really be talking about the products that I'm using and then a show you guys obviously why do guys like getting ready with me the mask the use and stuff like that okay so the first question about skincare video is what kind of skin type2 I have and I have oily skin and I don't have a sensitive skin so I don't really get any dry patches only face it's usually always just oily I'm I use oil absorbent sheets like regular basis and like I said I don't have sensitive skin.

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