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Opened 15 years ago

example from docs declares IDistributeLists as a module

Reported by: pnkfelix Owned by: cce
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Racket Version: 4.1.5


This is bogosity in the Dracula documentation

  (module IDistributeLists
    (include IAssociative)
    (include ICommutative)
    (include IDistributive)
    (sig addall (xs))
    (sig mulall (x ys))
    (con addall/mulall-distributive
      (implies (proper-consp bs)
               (equal (mulop a (addall bs))
                      (addall (mulall a bs))))))

If you are just cut-and-pasting from the ref manual, you get this error:

. include: not valid outside interface in: (include iassociative)
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