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Skin care with Dermangelie

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I can pretty much try any kind of product and I've never really highly a bad reaction to anything that I've ever you so I like to think that my skin is pretty tough it's not sensitive at all I've never really had acne-prone  Dermangelie skin obviously I do get breakouts 18 is that wonderful time of the month I'm up but other than that I don’t usually get breakouts so usually all my products that I use are from the drugstore because one they're inexpensive and to you have to deal with counter people at the drugstore that's the only reason that I really don't like to buy I like higher in the skin care product is because I hate the people at the counters like hi Mike just get my toner and they want to sell you this there was that you that Alike I just someone that like hates to be sold to like I hate when you publish be on for me I just rather walk in and not talk to anybody get what I need and be out the door so that’s why I use a lot of drugstore products and plus.

I don't like I said don’t have sensitive skin so I feel like I can get away with it some people you know they can't use things from the jump start to think that but luckily I can't so like I said I’ve tried tons of products and right now this is just what's working for me it’s pretty basic it's not being super crazy or anything like that I just ups like to do an updated skincare routine every couple of months since it changes up Mr. you guys ask what I'm using so getting started the first thingy always do when I take my makeup of is I use some kind little tall less like what cleansing to deletes the ones I'm using right now are from ponds and these are the evening suit which kind of have what small is it okay mommy I'm weighty I absolutely love these I hate ones that are like funky selling anything that these it's not like you're in a spa or something so hi use this to take off all my eye makeup and stuff like.


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