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Doctor’s recommendation

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The first position is missionary or face to face this is generally the got position for everybody but there are so many subtle ways to just switch it up a little bit sometimes it gets a bad rapine it really doesn't deserve it because it does give us more skin to skin contact chest to chest facet face you can get I contact you can do a lot of making out enabling during this at this position in particular and you can switch it up like most often we tend to wrap our legs around our partners and even the simple act sending your legs straight out either direction changes the tension in your muscles althea way up into your pelvis or you can bring your legs up and put them onto your partner shoulders and that tips your pelvis up giving you more direct happiness to g-spot sensation it that hard for your body you can always let the pillow under your butt and lift your pelvis up in the same position and that sort that sort of way just for linguistic clarity I like to point out that when I talk about sex  Vydox positions I my language is usually giver receiver and the person with the penis is the person giving in this and scenario and the person on the receiving end their penis is the one receiving because not a couple have a penis and some people jus distract their cock on I want to make sure that we're talking to everyone.

We talk about positions for intercourse so the second position that's really powerful is have is a variation on that but resort flip it to the givers on the bottom and the receiver is on top to cowgirlsorta riding pony position an generally when I talk to people about this particular position I find that women get their orgasm when they lean forward to their chest to chest and face to face with their partner am and have sort of a sliding back and forth motion whereas the person receiving that that sliding back motion that now we feel very good and they like it when the person on top that straight up into that sort bounty bouncy movement up and down and there’s something to be said for both thinking it's great to lean over and take your orgasm at times it's also good to sit up and show yourself a little bit because you're beautiful and you're especially beautiful in this position something that a lot of women don't realize because we're looking down at our bodies is that the be looking up in our bodies is really supreme like everybody's body no matter how bigot small your breast maybe your boobs look fantastic from there underneath you so every now and then it's really good idea just to shake.


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