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Dermangelie Review

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It takes time to light bulb lacks is some derogatory names make it a fact someone to any text but what will do is will pull apart how hard it is really to change and what's the complexity of doing that so imagine practice hands left hand handling the joints we have to control so gulf five fingers and three joints fifteen Iraq and I’ve got two degrees of freedom in the risk is like and in fact and I can do that sort of seventeen and the light bulb has got another six because it can be in a place for three collapse an orientation for another three so that's twenty three and the whole hand itself candy news and or entity arm having pessimistic I thought twenty knowing that I mention all problem because of what we do know and worries because each modhzam I would  Dermangelie need to control and give the angles apex is one problem that I have to self you cancel them independently so that’s what and that's before I get to where there is a pale screw fix inventories controlling about you every time you goat little voice Ramón okay amount before you get to the history of the banquet at the comets I’m from the ceiling.

You know and you're up the ladder you know just imagine that's really hard so just back on the problem sympathy when you have to think about what you are asking the machine to do announced before we get to the aspects of was a good cross there are many bad ways to pick up thescott okay there may be stupid place head of the senate affect the sensible ways like this and we learned that from breaking things has kids also the way in which you cross dot light bulb is important as well now maybe there's a clear in the house uh... that makes things easier so it may be is the case this inaction isn't a twenty nine damage no problem at all maybe I’m missing lining can help us here at all imagine I just had one finger outfitted with the committee easy and both read drawings to works well for you worries so I could pull the position of each of those joints as an xyz yes for this could be the first joint the second join in the third at the weather Swiss rolls on so every pounds of my finger off is appoints enough really stadia.


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