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skin care tipes

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vitamin C and glycolic acid this year then make my top five list %uh ask things but there's still things that I love and I'm not stopping this is the vitamin C that I use I use timeless a twenty-percent CE for lookinyou can get this on a timeless website and this is great stock cost $25dollars per pounds which is terrific because like awe say I like to save my money for the Anti Age is that I think really work like Bo tux the guy colic acid I've been using this year is polished choice resist 5 percent ohm went to call daily smoothing treatment and this really works and is really goody really like this my promise I'm just not going to use it every day anymore because it does cause so much surface turnover that you end up flaking all the time and it's hard for me to walk around being flaky the flakiness has stopped with the retina-a now so I don't have to leak is from that but to still have it from this and now I think I'm going to switch do more like a 20 percent peel I'll once a week or twice a month or something like that %uh I'm going to finish this up first and what are the best things that I did this year which I hated drolly the majority of my video son his makeup are makeup is a great enterer but it is hard to find what works for older skin so I did her hull feels like a zillion trials I love liquid foundations powder foundations BB cream CC creams you name it I tried it looking for something that made my skin look actually better than it is and I did find a few things I'm in for that in a separate video and then make right after this one so you can look for that in maybe the next couple days in the next week  Renovo Crème or so Naidu a roundup of all the foundations and I tried this year and show you the ones and I'm really loving really recommend Rx is now back to my top 5 first one that I sent it was retina-a and sell this is what I got I assed at my yearly physical was the right timing I wanted this so I so hate I like some retina-a she was like a love for so I city on the old and I just turned 50 set point down 51 and I was like yeah I'm all

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