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How does it work

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if your also interesting to me to make the chair MacArthur? subject and anarchy will get behind it back into the oval make each of you basically you'll comments on you know what people want to see so until next time a conduit to shifts and much more we give it to be in a community faced a cheap I’m with you again manyfiji sheets hi guys has been doing really well am I something really big thank you to everyone that subscribe recently I've had like a massive subscribe his coming in and this is high enough the500 subscribers giveaway I was like putting a second hiding to nothing got 500 subscribers than yeah I get 200 of two that's it flight like really weird but I'm really appreciate all the subscriptions well enough the comments feedback everything you know it it's amazing how  Dermangelie you know something so and small can just make you feel you know while and lots of people are listening other people earning and is just gray so hope we can just build like a skill community and AM if you feel like you have any questions to ask me than that which I just post a comment on the channel all here on December Joe’s well you know I'm one happy to answer all your questions and queries.

I just like to make really quick video just I'm so too so basically say to you that and get some advice re and because obviously we're pushing the winter months and they can be really harsh in quite damaging to your skin and it wouldn't give you a heads up adjust basically say am three things that he should be trying to do is to possibly you know helped to improve your skin and texture by drinking water now what illness is a really important part over I'm your body your functions your you know only functions as well as your skins functions and so just increasing water like pet to what you would normally drink can really make a big difference to do with your skin looks I mean take an example full you know what I was asked to come in the hospital for a scan of 20 trying to conserve water night accident Jack to teach is important for the two parties the big difference on that day I have to say my on that day my skin was like the best they had ever been it was blowing it was radiant it was like a new you know a new skin you know I was like wow if this is what I can do me one day then imagine like by have it every single day like that that amount maybe not thatmami not truly deserve a mile way it is recommended that you drink about to I have not to eight glasses not two classes 811very big losses will today the second thing.


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