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Weight loss

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most in incredible thing that that I have ever experienced for sure man I hey this transformation is going to be awesome coming up good Dawn fans that now got way the way good support system is kind of fall apart greater see how she  GojiPro looks after 1 Ste rules low you some you can't all over and it's time for me to take Rachel back to Atlanta before I even took Rachel for I tutor Street few school track and I wanted to bring her family and to meet their but also to lock in this family unit is family support system survey could really true leaf tea compassion and appreciated what it's like just to live a day in the life Rachel what you can step on over here I'm going to show you what we got going on today depressing walk a mile in her shoes what exactly what we're going to be doing today I'd actually got a lot to wait right here in sandbags as so we're going to take you up to you per week where she is right now and I'm going to get you the opportunity to walk around the track joists now who can demand would it be I really want the family to see what it was like to experience 370 pounds already yes sir alright I've always hidden away from my family and to know that they were putting on all this extra weight just to support me means no sound well say we do for mynah scale something as the yeah I'll be there with you and I'm in the same way so yeah I know you're feeling better ready I’m ready on air for one step at a time that's what it takes rituals family is great and they seem so supporters for Rachel as somehow gained over 250 pounds in this family and so really making sure that the family is there through this transformation itself most important they are the support group thousand jobs betrays something I can bum we only did it for what a quarter mile and she does it everywhere for you where to go there you know like that one appreciation her yeah could save theme Rachel we are family wert now I mean we will make it through this will make a lifestyle change for our whole entire family eye care how great is that the finally be home its absolutely wonderful I'm so excited because why we're at boot camp completely transformed Rachel's house to comedy her new lifestyle this yeah agenda back room which was the room she gained so much weight into home gym welcome home rates.

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