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The Best Weight Loss

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The sphere on comfort level but gaffer bid I break my right arm like there's too much to risk is riding bike was arrest yes and time that works like ourselves physically challenging ourselves really living like this there's risk rate for injury it's going to happen it's not a matter if but when. going to pull a muscle you're going to break a bone so if I break my me to come here and take care everyone I'm nurse in my life arm I'm not going to lie it's scary when I see you fall because you keep pace yourself I get just you're scared it's just like that makes me want to it I want to see you conquer I once you shouted but I feel like this is so extreme it's just a daughter the pressure that Ingot this big bike rack I'm not been six weeks like that's this crazy I mean you told me this after my nineteen the Wiki mean this is something that I haven't been able to do since I lost my anchors like this is something I have never been able to do afternoon so overwhelming chair of much see how terrified he is and it's important for me I can be compassionate toward it but I won't let him step down from this on wall sup the biggest thing here is just one more time absolutely deal house that works alright thing Ryan finishes this right this milestone he will be so much stronger did he ever thought he was kept just practice got feel comfortable experts coming up Donald Driver something just broke and later you taking huge risk you have to stop this behavior in the first hour extreme weight loss Chris chose right for the transformation of a lifetime 10 different than anybody else gaga in line didn't hesitate hey of after losing 112 pounds in the first90 days Ryan thought he could conquer the worldyeah took his weight loss to extremes with shocking results were just think that your body and nourishment you need to treat her going to get in the next hour Ryan tackles and epic challenge withwannabes heroes Donald Driver all meeting up to a finally 365 days see me pro five guys slow why but yeah yes man I'm feeling good status its allies I wanted him to see that she could lose weight the right way and fortunately he's been doing it and I'll be keeping tabs when you first started six months ago your for 9-10 house three months going stepped on the scale your 298 pounds when you crash to face one goal so I give you know that they call 260 pounds in the last 90 days so scale today says 230 pounds or less Hugo alright good step on the scale to free till bro coli hearts hotdog where fellow you lost sixty six pounds in stages to I think I figured out its conceded to see a number like that pop up 66pounds ages reconfirms that what I'm doing is good what I'm doing is right and what I'm doing is going to have lasting impact for the rest of my life it a lot of thinking and you know I feel like Easley.


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