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The Best Weight Loss

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The strong desire to bring okay isamericana not a sprint sliding want to start out too fast because I knew wehear while really quickly atta boy while your action doing this XPdeft here yeah so we just found a really goodtempo and he was 14 in time reporter lad I yeah good yeah got matter stodgy Claire haha expand my vocabulary last week filing requirement and from with Britt 15 on have gone I didn't quite know go go go go got it wrong call yeah yeah by I before you know it go whitewash he's at sixty-five to the music 7 youcan use it 85 don t get ninety flight to Spain youmean like 13 the girl that was the big sounds fun for proudgirl DRI 99 call a dog by her reply flag that long no go afterburn yeah done into walling he's 49 pounds that would be like me carrying a barbella 300 pound on it all the way to the top and this year's power that's incrediblereferee class of yeah yeah a few weeks ago a career in go up twoflights of stairs and now computers at how thistransformation gonna be all year you know this is this is my job 100 people Irish I leave their families day us and you know theaddress from your own through so iraq cupcakes fruit snacks the reactyou know ships shot material is just anotherillustration you know contagion is always here stillgoing rate for polly beans very media as long as they stay onproblem you need to move faster the only thingthat concerns me is a mention a few times much he misses past due and ultimately but the lies tothe east to choose to give up not just when I'mliving with them but for the rest of his life one rather after 12 monster weeks yeah up working out Anna just good cleannutrition Gracie their number the Opera rightfirst three monthly and it's such a critical moment in the transformation because if hedoesn't hit that ball alright my friend motion all crew down from that the consolecatchment well brother class when he stepped on the scale that for ninety pounds like the Billboardleast 110 pounds over the last three months that thisscale says 380 pounds or less that your goal and on top of that you get busy pre-op yeah i cant I bodytake a deep breath take the shoes of I watches might as wecan possibly get shipped before I step on that scale you know I was nervous you know I've got a couple shirt sizesjobs and sizes for you don't have that number Ithinking on my friend died when he stepped on thescale that border ninety pounds ID bill gonna lose 110 pounds for thelast three months surface scale says 380 pounds or less the future goal and on top of that sinbad bismillah yeahI think alike a complaint I body take a deep breath every red games on the dime yeah slowly regained on that guy returning pounds to go to Disney around I hugeWaverley but at the same thank you see thatnumber and your heart skipped a beat because it's like that was so close back sleep I at that time Rs saying goodbye is always like one ofthe toughest parts and specialist Mon I've definitely grown attached to himand she really inspires me you next phase immediately seventypounds seventy pounds how many pounds I mean I'll be honest that's not goingto be easy but now on top of that I want to give you a physical experienceand and I call it a milestone and the milestone for you is is something we've actually beentalking about a little bit over the last three months and it's going to be a 100 mile bikeride walk are I had you want to do really startexperiencing in the body awesome are miles into cars even a longtrip Armas repairs South Bend Indiana said it was gas inIowa so now it's time for me to go you knowthis is a scary time for markets like I'm not around america and dropping isfor 100 days are over some people a of the land the second ninety days are going to be alot different than the first this scary to think that I can go backto my old bad habits say yes now.


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