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Finally I Lost My Weight

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I’m standing outside the Keith strife would be there were Becker celebrate their23rd this me my first time working with the brother and sister as twins they've grown up together butte enable each other not sure that's exactly what's happening right now I think they're going to town on this pizza but I want to make sure that by the time the survey cake I'm going to cut it off I'm going to change their life %uh okay make a wish to blow out the candles for brands sees you to the pier don't think which is good for sitting at the table like with a candle their birthday cake adjust ready to dig in and Chris Kaiser 0 so dull oh my god yes yeah we just won the lottery we can ask for anything more desperate they were at we'll have the time I need you guys go home pack your bags say goodbye to your family because Buchanan starts tomorrow our flight leaves in a couple hours okay cell see the virus Chris looked at us and said that he chose us and he has given us a chance to gather life back and we're going to take it and we're going to transform our lives and we're going to get healthy and it’s going to be the best year ever and that will work with the brother and sister through transformation before love twists so indices flexible my approach because it’s certainly going to be a challenge for me alright sale welcome to the California Health & longevity is that if I'm nervous I'm scared to work out with Chris I'm scared to weigh in but I feel like it’s all the beginning I love my new journey and that hurt makes me excited I need to know where do you guys want to go in this process with that a whole year what have you dreamed to always be dreams that's what issues about on my goals like to be able to spend my 24 hours and like a military boot camp assist always been a goal of mine to be able to test myself do some more .


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