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Fast Weight Loss Diet

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But see a five-time then you ready yeah three months the Wiki 296pounds I give the two vehicles lose seventy six pounds over the last three months which agree to a total up 400 pounds compact my buddy step on the scale well the last 28 house says can bring it to 260 house right now see it as a failure it's not a failure you've lost almost 43percent your original body weight which is no you're capable so much more Baca here's the deal de lass 28 house which needs you 48 how ‘sit catching up to do you know if you guys evil you ready if whatsoever be white house lost so a day or two and twenty it’s while stifling eyewear I wanted tube everything is today if yeah be you know what take a look at the percentage lost almost forty three percent it's not a slam dunk so let's just see the doctor has to say okay after seeing the numbers at the twins put up in phase 3 Haiti said but these twins if they’re ever going to achieve long-term success I think they'll have to do it separately for now they have lost over forty percent of their body weight so I can go take a PC Doctor stoker battle of wits be enough for that actually qualify for surgery alright s get some sleep got to be getting my life K his here graduations both view I know if there’s lot of skin getting way exercise routines outlet we actually start with you David go ahead and take our shirts thank you what you have received right here of our rights so bomb for so I think you're fortunate we’ve lost a lot of weights for you snapback pretty well go ahead take up your abs for me okay I have as far as the amount of skin you've got here you've probably got good 18 inches a very delighted scan every stretched out this is not going to get so the bottom line is I think your candidate for surgeon hip hop thinking about it take it congratulations you all rights is next if they've got approved and I'm tonnage approved for the Titans are percentages are pretty close we’ve lost that turned away and I feel like alright I got it in the bag money and move ever closer look.


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