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Quick Weight Loss

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The better person and just makes you feel like nothing happened keep me down if you'd like to be considered for extreme makeover: go to ABC dot com keyword makeover light those be the one to modify you keep your feet on the ground just go back slot right there night jump seven more day by for 3 to and one here but we're going to lie back that yes life and coming up myth five more 1 to jury and this bring a done and Twitter bring down and with pop turn strong powerful moving inside side up with up twist your young guy down with you to fall X 14 no stress attack those arms nice in that ninety degree angle where one more needs to with and twist hold hears you take that one back behind your head to your toes out dry and this time then worry up good here while night how really question goes on to the sky down to the floor good down and up think about where you are guys Hall on your right here or drank for more jury to and one come up her nose handbag mind that head little crime 5 sick 7 a predawn 15 say whether last five well 30 40 and 15 believe they are turned her down they say are backed by up shift for him when male out one side 4 last 10 if any point you next are still stressed-out but down for when you're going down don't have to worry about looking up what you're concentrating on is your midsection for more 3 last and why take and behind forward more side down good act slowing home no reason to rush right now your focus all up feeling your oblique crunching nice red down 5 to 3 4 and by from here let's work about anytime you working balance you guys you're going to be working there for strength with way you're going to just go into single-leg deadlight alternating now other leg control again go down at your level as long as you can p that ballot slowly everyone go downfall lower its then come up even slower still control and up stay on my pace slow foot is firmly planted your lab are in gay your lower back is being tested stay with us that country shit algebra blood type and hold their breath there have to concentrate so much get the oxygen slowing through your system down last 20 side but you're going to hold it down hold it by your level and just stay here stay here good remember your have stay strong trying to her hips in line take the energy out that back he'll stay right here try to lift your chest up just a little bit more nice say here 10 sack 9 a 7 loading take anyway sec for 3 slowly and carefully come back up other side down at home think listen to me listen to what I’m today I'm trying to find to rate by your body all that beautiful tree-lined beautiful hall stay right there ballet call nine a 7 6 by going to get a leg up a little higher for 3 angel get your hands off the ground toad one up stay right there right here.


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