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Yacon Root Max's Epic Results

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If you're athlete or for just the average person you can go to my face pic Stephanie person somebody's car salesman but Stephanie percent skater or you can got my website Steffi person dot com and learn some more about this process I feel very let's say follow have information because I in the state after tests for four years you’re cheating you alcohol no Core cargo /urn hydro hates after let's say 20 grams so my carves are dark leafy greens my fat is key Rob butter I you can develop products if you want to you I'm lactose intolerance I keep a key better yeah also to mmm cooking oil.

You guys have to Google coconut oil the benefits of it it’s amazing you to medium chain fatty body learns that means me in as in short in structure if I can digest it more quickly and make it more readily available for energy said even if you take a graduate's it’s good pick me up after okay so let's get back to its people are asking me if it's dangerous everything’s the wreck also I'm not a doctor but I say hell no dangerous I'm thinking aging backwards K everything olive my systems my health improved exponentially that day I started doing this for years ago so dangers hell no my opinion but I'm not an expert just four-year expect okay the next thing is how long it will it take for me to get for years not be you guys it's just a Texas it takes from seven days two sometimes three weeks the pants an individual and you can't cheat what is this cheating thing know what people use you sheet someday star all over again gnocchi and the other questions are let's say energy levels I workouts often three hours a day not to improve the body but the cast for Kim love it.

I suffer no look low blood sugar and one thing that you body builders need to understand is because you become insulin sensitive I a couple other things a spinach and I'm already really cs1 to carry the immediate me know assets into muscle so I A and never include coin Genesis state or seldom should say never because that is our fight or flight response to raise your blood sugar levels a case is an emergency that hasn't been his case so this is the business are you guys can see this is what it's like should not terrible so down when you work out so I'm doing is train my body to burn fat without tearing down the mall so and I’m building because my body has become more efficient using from assets I think that's it that’s enough right until next time pace.

I'm here we've got Mary Byrne is medical doctor and  Yacon Root Max low carb nutrition so welcome thank you 100th and tell us how did you become interested in low carb okay here's the story I graduated from medical school right here in the heartland be American University of Kansas and I was going to be a family doctor taking care patients cradle to grave delivering babies the whole spectrum and when I noticed within the first five or 10 years a practice with that the information I've been told to tell patients about how to be healthy was basically not helping any on my patients okay so what kind of information well grow up end fat restricted diets calorie restricted diet sodium restriction for hypertension.

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