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The visible benefits

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It drives me crazy mister riser fixes that problem completely you take it on your finger you read it together and you put on your fly wherever it island it kind of act like hairspray all kind of hold it down but I don't feel like it's like having a product you know if the hair spray head feels like it's just like step in if you wish trough I don't likely hair feels extra I mean I'm not a farmer I don't know maybe straw here's a good thing but I’m just stop talking West riser your hair you have a love you you number five show I usually don't worry about this in the summer because I don't use dark nail polish is in the summer however and the following a winner I love using dark nail polish is dark purple all-star red star blues you name it I is that so a lot of times as colors can see your fingernails one thing at that will help that seem kind of get out your fingernail would  Bellalabs be Manning's but usually slice open 11 and you actually stoke your fingernails in the lemon juice and that helps get rid of the scenes I’m not sure scientific reason why does that I’m assuming it has something to do with the acid or something at the landing that's just a guess.

However I really donor know but I do know that it's being out everything else loll go buy some lemons super cheap fare like 50 s seriously so she he number six 6 still alive people love cream eyeshades for one I love them I think they're amazing and use them almost every single day but sometimes I can't find the right color one trick that you can use to turn a normal I shadow into a cream eye shadow would be water is free this will not cost you anything but you take some water I would recommend using and older brush because I'm not sure if this was real impressed but I know a lot of times using water and I sat us together on brush train does weird things so I would recommend using a brush that you don’t mind if he gets messed up and putting I so want to and water mixed-up together and you have to select the my shadow do not I repeat do not put the water any rationale let me explain further use fresh cut from Mac and here's a rush don't lie on your brush and as well around here I that's fun to mess up your eye shadow instead put that I shadow on your brush first then put a little bit of water makes.


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