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Are far from the truth ensure this is really one of the most important night for guys in a sense because we're not just talking about you your body your health the really how you can make yourself better from a health perspective and so we’re going to try to give you some tips and tricks on how to do that we're pretty sensitive know about some critical equipment is that we have were sensitized and so I think it's really important that we get out and actually talk about the preventive things that we can do to maintain that critical equipment to yet so we can avoid a lot of the problems that occur if you can help them off at the pass sir but don't you think it's kind of ironic before we start how incredible society has changed really over the last ten to fifteen years.
was the last time you guys or sporting event for talk you know it show at night the didn't have one of those commercials about sexual activity you know those you know if you're in the mood in new ways but I home and it's tonight hey is anybody understand why the two people are in two different bathtubs yeah never kind of understood that's not really the point is it how many have you actually been watching what are these commercials with your kids and start to get just a little bit nervous about that that tends.
to be a little odd when you’re trying to explain what the actual commercial about that's for sure while we I introduce our first guest tonight a so without further ado we got inexpert forces going to start talking about he's one of the guys on the front line that deal with men that I'd like to introduce doctor Titus Abraham but I deaf so we have as you probably were listening to backstage felt a little bit of fun that way I meant don't go to the doctor a is that your experience that were on target Original Garcinia Cambogia to hear that man generally don't go to the doctor or Annapolis many different than the rest of the country yeah well first off thank you for having year John Robb I you're right John I'm I do know is that to be the case for a lot of my male patients unusually their spouse or significant.

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