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End of All Fat with Gojipro

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I'm in the 20th century especially after or two there was a noticeable rise in heart disease among American man so heart disease became a big concern then it became a huge concern when president Eisenhower had a heart attack now all of a sudden heart disease is considered a national emergency doctors in trying to figure out what causes it lo and behold along comes a scientist named and some keys would holds he had the answer he's published a studying which he compared heart disease and back consumption and a half dozen countries and here's what I found: I'm well there you go look at that trend line time is a couple more about them or heart disease we have found the answer look and because in that state he’s became known as the father of the lead hypothesis which I'm sure you familiar with it looks like this at the time this hypothesis was new it was bowled.

It was exciting it was exquisitely expressed and the only problem is it's wrong like he’s conducted here I'm was an observation all studied all he found was an association I know a lot of you take science courses so you're probably familiar with this but let's do a quick review I'm an observation of study is a very weak form into evidence because an observation of study is not a scientific experiment it does not long as all the way through the scientific method if we want to go through the entire scientific method that we have to conduct a clinical study because in a clinical study we randomized people into large groups we balance all the variables and then we change one variable to see what happens one group goes on a diet the other one dozen or one group takes to drive the other group take some pussy bow that’s a clinical study clinical study is a scientific experiment for the most part clinical studies are valid.

You know I’m sure national study all we're doing is observing people and gathering data when we gather the data that we are looking for trades behaviours and results that seem to occur together if they occur together we would say they are statistically associated otherwise known as correlated otherwise known as land in other words we can say we spotted connection between A&B and this will often be reported as arises your risk I'll be loose ends  Gojipro I'm some light putting another bullet in the gun the more you play Russian roulette I'm well hear something good scientists understand just because two trains are correlated that does not mean one of them is causing the other went to happen we conducted a large observation of studying.


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