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weight loss food

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legs it just keep running through everything again we've got ten seconds left to go 5 4 3 to 1&2 and let relax back to jog in place you know one more round VT's exercises restarting back over that totals kick next in four 3 to wine and switch it arms overhead recent down towards a toasty kicked a leg up try to keep it leg nice an extended perfectly straight if you can't because arms nicest rate reaching down towards the toe to ski that motion under control whatever you do try to swing that let you want to have a nice lower res a crunch as you reach down to resist toes the hand the nice and slow the leg drop back down check all those muscles in his legs in his arms make sure they're nice intake contracting all those core muscles for almost done with this one five seconds left for 3 to one back to jog in place keep those feet moving nice and quick keep those lungs open try to recover as best you can answer set last read jumping jacks nice full range emotional nice and quick get that car you up as high as you possibly can as your last exercise keep those lungs open breathing normally keep those core muscles nice and tight those arms those legs nice and tight charges full range emotional that shoulders you can got ten seconds left just keep it going 5 4 3 to one and let her relax nicely done was going in stores are cool down already starting off with a lunging hamstring stretch you doing twenty seconds on each Lexus stress down towards that leg one leg back behind you for support ones--the be completely extended straight out in front of you reaching down towards that though just hold it there keep it nice and comfortable nice deep breath then nice long x Hill don't make your breeding show you wannahave a nice fall breath every single time skirts with legs stressing down towards effort again keep that later stretching down towards perfectly straight with that need almost completely locked out breathing normally try to feel really good stretch the back that hamstring the back if I as well as possible is that gluten at lower back switch or next one was in your standing quad stretch lido up against a wall or share if you let your balance tip Ford bringing shield here but it’s close is comfortable to pull that me back you want to feel good stretch the front that quadriceps the from that side the front that hip five  Garcinium seconds for a switch sides and going to switch sides overlay comes up squeeze that he'll tear but stress at me back behind you or try to get a really good stretch again tithe friend that hip and a friend that thought I double wall Castro’s coming up next moons that wall calf stretch so one foot up against that wall unit pushes hips towards a wall until you feel that's calf muscle tightened up on you get really good

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