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Bellalabs Review

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It to be pretty produced effectively and then look at this poor unfortunate man with leprosy you take one glance at that skinny and you take horror because again the human brain makes perfect sense split-second decisions on how people look and judges them now if you think if your reaction to my rather horrible photographs here you probably have a admixture of horror and sympathy and actually if you just think if your reactions that's why patients who have visible skin diseases feel terrible about themselves because they are waiting for everyone they meet to make splits second decisions about them as non healthy human beings so now after that introduction but talk about three main areas first vote XOM up secondly acne and  Bellalabs finally the aging effects ultraviolet radiation and skin cancers we talked about the skin been very important from the point of view of maintaining a barrier between internal body and the outside world and there are very numerous skin diseases.

Which actually impair this barrier function probably the commonest is X imam which believe it or not effects 20 percent of children in the UK and Ireland so it's an incredibly common disease now of course is ranges and severity not to being modern of but also sometimes horribly severe it comes about because the skinny if to dry and it has lost its barrier function so is it actually allows too much water to be lost and when the skin is dry and flaky it feels very it she this leads to scratching and then the scratch damage skin allows bacteria sometimes viruses fungal infections all too proliferation and then of course the individual who has the softest skin problem uses multiple things to try to correct the problem and the more you are exposed to multiple agents prepped on the skin the more likely ultimately you would be to develop allergies so infantile XNA causes havoc there's another two baby both you can see the red blotchy all over the body and if you felt that skin.


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