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said oh my gosh this is going

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said oh my gosh this is going to be it it this is Kevin P the Holy Grail liquid foundations for me I'll unfortunately it was not meant tube so this one is kind of miss for me and Is disappointing because as you know I love it products they sent me a lot of products to show you and most of all I can recommend wholeheartedly on you know because I give you my honest opinion about down and it's not that I want you run out by everything.

you need a certain product may have a solution for you basic good company and I like to spread them so anyway this 1i asked them I could try and they sent me this for free which does not necessarily mean that I have to give it a good review there's no contract between us ax let's get started I to the video myself applying it from here very first time to show you how it applies now.

the only thing they sent me should I don't have it here is there gay blunder types punched put it on Wed and this sponge is way bigger than others punches you'll see it and application video first let me just tell you about price and its claims and I you know always glasses for this alright.

It's 02 culture pair liquid oxygen foundation comes in my shades and it's one out for thirty-eight dollars it claims that it is like facial in bottle foundation that it is sheer build able coverage that you can build up to full coverage that leaves skin with a dowel grow up clinically proven to improve barrier repair and increase hydration by over percent after the first use and it's packed with antioxidants and vitamins 8 he so that those Ritz claims let's go tithe video and show you me putting it on for the very first time that's their son just isn't fully inflated cell it's quite big so let's go ahead but not.

The directions this say to put on a dime size amount on the back your hands Latin out that become a dime sounds good in there you can do ruling had a motion this year is fragrance-free which I really like anything that smells okay so first password com it did sort of the center of my face on.

You know I didn't have much tithe outside down my neck come in all colors there okay so far it seems to be kind of medium coverage sound that amounted medium coverage but you can still see some me on spots through it but I feel like it even know my skin tones homes to use another nap palm that much the rest like the sponge a lot nice and big actually for the big planes and of course the sponge will make the makeup go on more sheer then if you put it on with them rush with your fingers and I like more mature look then I want to just take time you get more troops to get in my little cracks and crevices appointee and South split that much more my hand I'm just going to defend there with best pointy end so that I can gather always end up with a funny little line around my nostrils.

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