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The hurdles get bigger as machines get smaller microelectromechanical systems or members are being developed for sensors in automobile tires anti-lock braking systems and four-wheel drive transmissions the problem with looping man's is that the laws

of nature don't work the same on a micro scale for men challenges associated with liver getting my career change come from the fact that they're so small and they have very little inertia so these devices are typically is designed to operate quickly lubricating oils are just not appropriate because the device would be sitting in a bath the flu and will have to share that so that every time a police researchers at Sandia National Labs are tackling this issue in the micro systems and engineering sciences applications project biggest challenge the using any lubricant for micro systems is getting the lubricant to the sliding surfaces where it's needed frequently these devices that very complex shapes and the sliding surfaces are deeply buried inside the mechanism the researchers have found one solution in so-called gas deposited lubricating film shit %hone of the chief ways a lubricating Microsystems as with gas deposited films and the way that works as the molecules are evaporated from some source they move through the air and then land on the surfaces and they can migrate along the surfaces to whether needed the molecules are the lubricant and alcohol can easily negotiate the narrow gaps in this Micro Machines measures only two millimeters across site about the with the lead in a typical wooden fence I'm and about 50 microns thick just one forth diameter of a human hair the machine is being used to measure frictions lubricant is everywhere on this device contact only takes place between this movable beamed and one of these posts that are anchored to the substrate the night after coating the device the lubricants molecules chemically attached to.


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