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Muscle Building

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I'm leave my re to two and a half hours but today returns to count on it because nylon ribbon in our mission emails don't have the items you see on the website will be there with you with you while the last home mouth should bring no whole store from my basement to values Mar Welsh gentlemen merchandise and then we’ll also have my clad relation project home was still clothing my newer def that athletics clothing line dollar be released at the Olympia yeah the first place you can get is at least human beings brothers large Friday during the day for Explode I may not be there I may only be therefore a little bit sorry I'll be there at the expo but him what time but the line from each along down I would have to be there only to fill all those people phone the best way to do it is I was written in people your Vegas on Thursday is due to meet human beings because you get to me everybody right there you have to walk around tire expel I'm tools everybody the league which would welcome or Maria the I'm actually going to cook all my food there so I'm I have a chicken sponsor a picture here she picked up fifteen pounds a single ok 12 announcing the low brass and 10 got impacting I'll my friend got back and got them all from the freezer overnight then put those in a cooler neck cooler will travel with innovative home well if I didn't have that sponsor probably would give pack the food that I needed to travel with an embalming I'm sure that if I like foreman grill probably another Lucia or and am a scale the real I would bring the one from here but I’m afraid they will get damage and I'll be really stupid am sources about everything they're so my initial stops will be got the playing in the luggage universal car then go to probably target and Whole Foods reproaching hotel Orchard Hotel for simple she plays both replacing for I've been with earth environmental issues going to be there Monday shell animals I don’t have a large soft shell whatever forget I don't forget about 30 invades liking evidence is open browse liking unofficial by 30 from them Monday Tuesday Wednesday guarantee military at least really John the managers where they might be little little lifestyle you know book article on working how the product launch of I'm out 10 two days off before show before in 2010 all class ago Shannon Thursday night I controlled control song this depends should reciprocal comelookin from him really good much no cut them something that you get the paper here but more likely I'll be dream some in my major and then I'll just punch you Nate remission true she your machine it's like have been able to connect with more fans around the world then just answering email website my website emails again being that I think actually they burned down but toward the end of this crap them because I think people know that I'm not respond to tweets because I'm so focused yet they understand that their semi good luck wishes website back enroll Muniz it's a blessing me and I met on 01507 so setback obviously my goal is to win and be 30 this from a bit if that can happen which I mean want to the fortune teller anything I just know that I'm and going to make it tough for everybody going to get tougher every person up there that's my job still to be the most complete honestly so to take hello benign holding on I'm this risky this system that most from he still yeah off to him Tokyo Joes the famous Tokyo Joes sweeper p owner Larry as who's the horny there has an with a month schools going to run their real fast polygraph no there to take with me back to me unwise for manage the busy this the this year the schools the all you two months Julia the school dodge why and I was a lag sup that's good now you know I understand you know as going forward now he's also teamed up room very good condition guide them in likes a buscarte not in Brooklyn had not broken quite a few times a week since going today something regards to his newfound don’t you always said he was pushed driving like that but to drive out.


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