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Best Muscle Building

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I'm you know things like why am I my maid now combat headed this way wait endlessly fully awake back into this up that way and to the slick way that the area okay take you want to live 40 reach here but bad step bad and the yeah I'm bad and more play looking chain crack to and matter what she wants its mobility C-one and you want a pastor position it will keep showing body rights that were you his stack think focus looking up looking up looking that tithe hell but that'll make a night picket line-line goes up now mad the idea which you have to realize okay exit is no test is that people are watching you all the time or not just watching their yep and wall every long a camera spam yeah every bad pg all cameraman be me a red-hot last day mean that way spill man bobbin p now the bovina do coming just down Montana by the cool do by not p the docile the everybody mom do well don't know now cool yeah there Gold's Gym Venice California by many are the best bodybuilders in the world come to try in his third guy doing but my I good doing a very joyous history to get in on it the little Grozny II vary from yeah I Rebecca can I signed up you on this the gaining some muscle game it G home 0 yeah ha now Arnold Schwarzenegger 28 years old six-foot-two 240-pound mister Olympia for the past five years is preparing to defend his title this year for the last time or mister universe is from the past five years old get together and one count as behind it was the best avoid a messy universes so the cleanest on here come the switches up low that particles you are the top body life how long have you been about why not been BZ for the last seven us I was on the phone economist five years another issue strong client Jim clancyit's like touching the body fine muscularity by wash similar the whole nationalize of junior that goodbye Willis hash the same mind when it comes to scoff in a small fast if finalized you look in the mirror and this say okay and in a little bit more adult to its will be much shorter so the proportions right so what you do is you exercise and but those don't do it Tom base on office which is slap on some cayenne on each side in on this may be the easier way be there you go through other way if you do then human body I mean obviously a lot of you looking think it's kind of strange with you doing in our but those are the people who don't know much about it you know so nice to find on a par with the whole thing is about it's just like another thing I mean it’s not a stranger as the going into a car and dying to go no in a quarter mile five seconds hummingbirds from the strain below boo on loon 0 the greatest feeling you can get in gym or the most satisfying feeling you get in the gym years the punk that see you train your biceps blood is rushing into your muscles and that’s what he called a pound muscles get a really tight feeling like his skin is going to explode any minute dinners with that it's like somebody blowing Ended India mostly jazz blows up it feels different.


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