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Side and then just a little

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Side and then just a little bit underneath because we are going to run a little bit lee shadow underneath the eye today you want to get it pretty much almost up here brown all the way down the corner we are going to have my shadow everywhere today now on the use the Real Techniques shading brush and we’re going to use sand out from.

the crowd care make sure capital of Hun you know I have a lot of all-out and then this one we're going to apply underneath the eyebrow and me here the shadows ours no awesome cashier so creamy and beautiful easy to bland next time you use this it cosmetics I shall brush and this light lavender color pink outside the box and miss you just going to lay down all over your highly you can do a little bit into the crease how little bit about basically this is our like next.

I'm going to use my it cosmetics big fluffy crease brush and view from the total which is the sky right over here in this is going Togo all over your land Obama decrease and this is a nice soft Rosh and sell easy to get a lot a real state done easily and quickly and that you're gnarring almost all the way up to your eyebrow and which is blended into that lighter color you apply to there are right.

you know I go too far out here because if you have I'll put it on ice are all the rising of Eagle sir down anywhere here test drag required ride down to wander on imaginary line between acquired your eyebrow and the corner here Inuit keep all your I shall inside that line make sure that your main roundness up here twisty outside and then you go down twenty sites what I wrote here lower on the inside next.

I'm going to use this tiny kind of dance flathead brush and some more argue from that hope have just going to did sort to put that in there like that problem in this we're going to go under our eyes going to connect Anna outer make you get there you just cameras under really close tithe lash line next time can use my son you cash out crease brush and rose to the occasion and we're going to put that can cuddle and narrower band just a little bit about the crease.

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