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How do I get rid of the fat around the middle

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Now actually need water aerobics class yes bell like him coming for what days trying to do water aerobics is not getting closer to a school's its solo intense if you do not restaurant appointees denied in levels of intensity never explored before and then do but there is nothing like before but eventually he's going to learn to love people just by Yahiya %uh yeah the in hurled going to be wanted to bring work I yeah now we don't have a lot of time you’re you got to pack your bags yeah have one hour one back to bed completely down there camp starts tomorrow I cannot believe I’m going to LA tonight okay but we need to see to nominate an exit on a plane the market hmm go buddy the new campus essentially the21 crash course in which re much the participants everything that they need to learn in order to transform walking to the California help not getting instant hit this is the official beginning a beer boot camp I'm really looking forward to this week I didn't think this opportunity would never come go see someone else that a great opportunity happens and this time it happened to Dana banker doing damn coming up buddy I'm just so excited and pumped to begin the second part of my life they be ready step onto the skin this is not a body of a man this is just a body of a big large while really don't feel like a man it does I don’t look like one value 500 pounds what drove you to that just living along no one watching one what I'm doing not about anybody else about you this person downloads way s I can tell being as a passionate personas he's got so much characters got so much personality but Icon tell he's trying to cover something cock got along during a Q&Ayou know what has nothing to do with the nutrition and exercise that's going to happen right your journey is learning to love yourself because you don't more by the way because lottery I wrap dress the week.


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