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Total Effects with Bellalabs

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I wrote down that it was spotty drying and flaky so this really to not look good for most of the day that I wore and it was the thickest up the formulas so it made the wrinkles more apparent even though this did not settle into the wrinkles it did make the wrinkles appear larger on to the next formulation which is Revlon Colour stay this comes is a large dough foot slash sponge applicator Revlon Colour stay under eye concealer this comes at an SPF 15 15 is a little on the low side for me but at least it's trying by having an spa in there this is $7.99 for point 04 announces and this comes in only three shades and here's why Revlon’s that's about it exclusive colour state formula and soft-touch applicator work to gently conceal dark under-eye circles and discolourations while giving you natural-looking coverage all day provides a lightweight comfortable feel oil-free non pour clogging non-irritating let’s go to the video today I'm just going to try to use the applicator.

We'll see how it goes cut no that they develop these things if you liking never use them arm its allure skin under there so how really like that so I think I’ll just got it on this one I didn't feel had quite such a stick and greasy feeling as some of the other ones I'll but it's still did have a little bit that that kind of feel to it the a don't really love but if you use it sparingly it offers some good coverage I felt so that if you have dark circles this might actually cover your dark circles I love it settled into wrinkles a little bit but not as much as the Neutrogena now this state Matt all day and it was very long wearing this lasted well over eight hours so it only sold into reckless just the tiniest bit but you want even a little settling into the wrinkles and so that's what I had to say about that one alright the next one tried is land call and this is called my she comes to K and this comes with a little doe foot applicator there.

I really couldn't hide much information on this one it's thirty dollars I don't know how much is in here as much as I cool I could not find anywhere that sells in there so you know it's a pretty standard size to I'd say it compares probably too about the size of this  Bellalabs one who knows how small the chamber is inside but you know it's probably a quarter somewhere between a quarter toe third announce and no SPF so here's what the marketing says this creamy liquid concealer Heights Plaza blemishes and dark circles with fall natural-looking coverage enriched with a hydrating botanical complex antioxidant protection and light diverting agents minimizes the appearance under eye circles and wrinkles while protecting against free radical damage natural-looking finish ideal for all skin types alright so let's good video this has the same concealer feel as most but just it's a little less Staph this didn't have that same tackiness toot it was much easy to blend felt more creamy.

I guesses what I'm trying to say so this plan is very easily and this was a good colour on me match my skin tone very well this provided medium coverage but if you really dark circles it may not cover and I'm not sure about trying to build these up because like I say the less you use the better others had a satin finish so it brightens up the under eye area and on but it wasn't like Spike Lee or shiny luminous and it had on very little settling into wrinkles not because it's not little on the pic size the wrinkles just appear larger and it wore six to seven hours okay so that was our alright next is one that I've been using for a long long time this is the Bellalabs 71 anti-aging under eye concealer this is 23 sorry twenty three dollars for point two ounces a less than a quarter of an ounce and it comes in one shape now this hands a nice brush to applicator and you just hope this once either I sometimes I use one count for each eye and sometimes I use one pump and split it between my two eyes so like I said I've been using has for about I don't know I want to say five years now.

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