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Quick Weight Loss Diet

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The phase two and so he's got so much catching up to do he has no idea what he's up against this is your journey in your journey own I’m about motor that is a person can get it again 83 now want to be 200 pounds I joined the journey I learned in life you get exactly what you want to as long as you know what it takes to get it love Nike town a mountain bike every day work at every day Apple better every day I'd be more everyday James promise a he with his ninety pounds I hate today it but I don't think James realizes the amount of work that has to go on to the next three months just to get close to getting back on track the copyright recounts got to have wheels think the managing nobody island you after all mine a new fun plan I always want to bring everybody back to the Institute where it all began this car it begins and I miss u think I was there are like six and everyone pounds walk in the rain only I'm way and like that was good no way are you James and my monthly and I was like to bring everybody back to the Institute where it all began you get out of his car it begins and I months ago like the obvious that I like season are bidding on grounds the walk today no way that like that was good way are you James down my day Wow James is a completely different can while concern it crazy a seed is Johnny's his cheekbones without a doubt he's lost a lot of weight by in what's in the bag it’s my old it built the I can only say theta right as he just keeps bomber's belt out it's probably seven feet long a stir booklet about right here away and Wow 00 my belt is my history where you can see where I got stuck at the Biltmore more in some places earlier in the day and down like 30something our roots man helping reeling in the back has you anymore prime says get change I meet you downstairs Laura answer the league in to help again with his number do man I got to say I am really looking forward to this that kid now three months ago he stepped on the scale for nearly six pounds last time we spoke said you want to lose 90 pounds cell today so dude airfares 396 pounds or less me the yet by your yeah Wow after fees to disaster and only losing eleven pounds turns round pastry loses over ninety I haven’t seen as weights in South Carolina junior high school last 257 pounds now in nine months by the way yeah the 39-point 40 percent your original by me TTY last few years 59 pounds away person minutes man standing you just proved you can do anything you want your beating the one thing you've never been able your whole life the last two Anthony seven towns and I months then you haven't seen them low for handling it eight years man you get three more months keep doing what you're doing the next time I see James can be as fun away and his boys to have lost over 300pounds this year got something special planned for Laura the thank you so much for coming out I’m Chris Paul course add you know it's so hard to believe that it was just over 365 days ago that James reached out to me for now when I met him the 651 pounds gene for those are you going on he's very strong well some fun stuff and he quickly let me know I got the drive I got to well to show me the way James is on his way here right now by the whole idea coming here simple for you by place from final way and perform a bus stop it incredible.


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