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The Best Weight Loss

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Thousand pounds my chance for you today is the poetone-mile down the taxiway a mile as far as fastas you can Jonathan tells me that it's slopes contract withhis family because city to two seat on the airplane can'tafford to purchase that many seats so what better in to incorporatedchallenge with an airplane I don't want to do thisalone sorry but you think that with you few before I got started my family showed up him knowing thatresearcher qualified a great feeling we can do it daddy hike as want help not give a little pushon the way spread 3801 go feel like you can't right now people people just love itit's on I had to lean into it my legs areburning on like step 7 to 10 put my head down one foot for the other try to go as longas I could beautiful state steps the thing rollingthat's it that's it kaczynski something I yeah come on out Chris for just encourage methe whole way John think you're almost a quarter mile and I think tomorrow good you got this judge almost halfway we go 30 that place go official for pieces judge this me cases mental strength he has to haveit in order to push through this becausephysically he's fine he's not going to want to do it for a job great job my body for dinner shoulders werehurting my legs were burning there's no way I can finish it I feel ago want to make this my body was for commercial for hurtingmy legs were burning there's no way I can finish it appealing right now wanna make it where kids are seekers with the wholeway this is a step relative to my journey this year we go keep him atevery stop not unfamiliar one for the time one stepat a time went on do it treating a moment to look now it'smoving on WoW is you mall long way like thats you just which is fight that noise in the head it wasreally tough but my kids are pushing me through with my wife is your children on to set the goal right there just amoment car mats people's good %ah yes said its we have reached the executed wicketswere standing on it stuff so be prepared to be there is likepublished something I do think I could do it with witnesses 3d for you people now up it's because something remember ofyou can look up for the parade know they have so called because able toget old have probably of you just called a two-time plane over a mile patient team was for my bigger accomplishment Trend Micro your six miles per hour fourminutes you shop just absolutely you lost 11 pounds and I am mopping this determination isnow the ball 235 pounds I don't think you should be too toughfor as long as its q2 as we do I'm ready Murray today's been trying to find a way an was with his family now I feel bad for North I F you know 135 pounds inthree months he doesn't reach that goal can be suchan epic failure in his life that I do risk losing himpsychologically and emotionally for the rest and transformation I'm notthe only one you seen an incredible change yo prayed Bay have him day by day by day BC your body changing I know it's atough thing for you because you are your biggest critic very good opportunity like this one takefull advantage I want to show 'em scale and I did you up monthsago 135 pounds to lose 90 days course remember when I promise you if you get the number advance guys onbikes no pressure of my kids are so adamant about wanna ridebikes I don't wanna let them down I wanna livethat it's hard enough for you went the wrong the kids remind youremind you that a live from there my forever why we're not ready by CR Drake rightright and take a picture for something stepped on the scaleninety days ago made 543 house a good to go to the 135pounds self if this scale reads forney council s your goal when I'm sitting on steel I actuallydon't make eye contact with family.


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