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Best Way For Reduce Belly Easily

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I'm just really hope she has to go because you need to use so and when I'm gone my sister and I have been shopping for clothes together handling ever uniting the suffering along we're going for goal close like the clothes and I'm going to be able tower you know after I lose half my body heat not yet honey I Cusack I'm so excited for itskinda hard we're a as the pits following a good thing she's a really good point her life to change and I think it will bring us closer to this is like have my here good yeah she's tonight Jim but what's really cool see how she's increase your own husband yeah and I think you're going to have to start rebar of I was so impressed she's can only one star you notice on a Saturday via of huge issue fighter with is come on out it's that time it's been three months now and on today's Dave says his way going unexcited nervous it's been a really hard last three months they all became really feel like having that be home in actually get down to it was huge adjustment now the last minute BBQ wings at the Institute and you have with the scale said 456 and I gave you treatment goals to lose 100pounds sauce this weed out scenery 56 pounds or less you can get the help you so desperately deserve because I promised you a kitchen bottle had two hundred pound mark and I don't get the nanny I'm not gonglike it's going to suck it's going to be hard I'm way ready step on scale now the last time that we wait you mean was at the Institute home %um what scale said 456 perhaps and I gave you a three-month goals to lose100 pounds so this weed out says unit 56 pounds or less you can get the help you so desperately deserve because I promise to you and teaching I have to have to step on the scale only another two beers that anymore 106 pounds in 12 weeks that some mind-blowing numbers that the 1i I 0 before I start all this like I had pretty much resigned myself to you know just being fat for the rest of my life it gives me hope that you know I can do this and see it through to the end adjust finish it I have made a promise I would come through on Saturday her hey estate it's been a struggle dealing with the kids while having to work out then it'll be a lot easier with the many cut she can play with them to come for a walk you know I can work out with no distractions about to go eat.


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