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The Best Weight Loss

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It for you gotcha yes please to take their place right now over the next two hours you'll see purposeful year jonathan'slife Mike goals to give you the opportunities to defeat at the polls be up because something good Paul leading up to a finally 365 days in the making okay well them this is the IEA for a missing my kids play at we live in this house probably 78 years not played her twice this is like were kids grow up in her the room and Icon be padre we are going to the house what you don’t know in how other parents play with their kids verification hours vary for you on the couch you just feel like you you're feeling too cute that I've their childhood because by Pete I’m Jonathan 5:30 the man approximately 300 pounds overweight my way to fix negotiable but a lot side for outside playing were displayed catch I can see it still and they could throw it thank you very go talk to Beaver with my I'll decide if he hasn't already you know he has to go get the ball. ice album ok throw I feel bad that Ave Pittsburgh of he didn't throw I can't move together care Bush Peter Sarah tired so the Gophers to be bad throws like daddies daughter only couple more businesses to really done it's tougher to do would grotto’s is what to do with the kids a key electorates by two articles I would just love to do that with the whippet could be the dad that's just have to tell reticule see the Harlem Globetrotters by two years ago to cook said the Sikhs who had to take the little boy it stirred up to the side but what's up want to the show so we have between the show Korea over the bigger your brother or sister or a big source kind of the way life is forever love pizza is a dollars but first I'd whatever let’s just we wanted a bobsled pusher kids are happy I don't refer thirty years down the road whatever my wife high school I was 235 pounds sits there obtained possibly three hundred pounds in the last ten years still hugging give each other kisses but I'm sure tithe fiery sexy by any means I'm sure which speak about her dream guy everybody it's not my body to this is my would reassure in obviously one day I plan on where did you fish quite a bit from you where the total film I used to feel right now I don't know exactly how much leeway copiers over Bastille one that went to500 pounds and that this working towards the Kwanza air I never thought that I would be this big ever this is my how slash bed where sleep I don't see the lights are just physically kept a commitment thanks to look for bodies crushing itself my back hurts really bad to wear they could go out and for two days awake at work I have this machine that I where every night's I suffer from sleep apnea really bad I need this to survive I mean my wife says I stop breathing a lot that scary country word about me not there would be no take the next breath I have that fear that no would wake upon morning and still just be disabled that he would beagle to get up and move around you know and that got to get him to care for our kids that for him as well are seen stories are people that are smaller than me and have died 30 NRC that refute it scares me a lot rights was a guy with the thirty her work as to what they say why did the guys are really because you like it thanks so much to live for it is cute what we're if I don't do it go there without the future on here in Washington as a job his house and his family goes on here yes no clue that his name home right now he’s out picking up pizzas I'm sites prize Johnson because sweets so many more years with his family and right now he's lucky to have another ten years Scott potentially such a great father such great husband and it's time for him to realize are you coming think we talk a I now it's just exciting it's just great opportunity for sup there we've been running a change for a longtime so to have the help from Chris this is going to be great for something actually walked in and I thought it would be like a intervention the oh my obesity affects.


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