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I Want To Loss My Weight

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The way across that bent knee stretch glue ski as normally as you can and we're almost done or switching of 2d could stretch laying flat on your back one lay crosses over top of the other grab behind the five that bottom leg and pull it back towards you as close as comfortable you should feel is deep stretch down there but muscle love the way you have crossed over top not the one you're holding with the one you have crossed over top just pulled as close as comfortable furlongs open casa turning over more of a stretch switch sides same thing your side poll that knee and the legs crossed overtop ski breeding or you're almost done with this one off to a torso stretch next so one logout straight the legs me bent role over the top of that leg keep your shoulders flat against the ground trying to get the show was five years ago as you can the same time as a rotating those hips off to the side to should be feeling really good stretch that or so right now so lower back oblique’s and abdominal muscles hall at first a little bit longer keep the lines open straight leg back out there logos overtop rotating those hips in the opposite direction again trying to keep your shoulders down flat against the ground as much as you can and we're almost done slow acts going to a full body stretched soars and legs out in opposite directions flat against the crown press those hands and feet now two directions you arts that chest up inhaling deeply and slowly exhale leading relax meant inhale again going right back in that stretch can Iraq in those hips left to right: trying to get a little extra stress on the sides and slowly way to relax are a good job does our last stretch for that cool down which means .


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