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The Best Weight Loss

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The up losing my arm analyze show finding good in everythingyou know frankly a with family there's no other his town hard to commit myself it at 23 elected this far 1.3 Asian young just having fun time in you looking forward to every day in whenI don't look for tonight I'm rhyme and 23 an impaction went toher house overlay I 2009 at ended up I get into a car accident you're comingacross this intersection etc I was coming at you and you ended up in this front yard we pulled up I love the accident scene you could seein all the flashing lights everything from quite a distance my heart skips a beat everytime I go through thisintersection their own in you came through any missedyou hit the telephone poll and you know you miss that tree rightover here he ended up between news to treason we don't know if you're girl dead oralive rewards actually going on so that was that wasscary as a parent and yeah losing my arm pretty much at the X incinemas ripped off was so foggy that made that theycouldn't bring in the helicopter yeah not I got to theemergency room when he told me that they were freed on rap you because youbro the artery six inches from your heart soyou should have bled out in their vehicles should have let out inthe ambulance doctors when come in my room and you sayyou know we don't even know why you're here I'm just so glad we still got your bodyI'm all ready for the accent I S E killing came on my own and I was goingto school for contacts and then the accident happened at canaforce me back home have no energy to move around town youknow it even get ready in the morning I'm hits hard in my life and nothing to say now thePackers are one of the reasons I get outta how sometimes be in Pakistan is awaste I'll you live you brief you know from eating Brock Singhdrinking beer to taking your face I am actually an ownerand the Packers and less toxic if you hear this helmet here as all the autographsfrom the several champions honors Donald driver a clay Matthews which is another big oneI absolutely love for partly all throughout high school on weight wasa big deterrent back then I know I could have beenbetter athlete arm who knows maybe where I would have beenif I would have taken it seriously and by and the other site areas let'snot over yet ran tolchin he just needs the fuel fullaccess as cost little yeah I'll that gets frustrating cuz he's he doesn't wear it i mean the thing was160 thousand dollars and just doesn't use it to a truly frustrating to spend that kinda money inknots not have a music with the roles andstuff it doesn't just doesn't stay and shouldbe able to come all the way back in Ste we put off the prosthetic actuallyfor a little bit in hopes that he would lose weight andwe kinda pushed a min encouraged him and stuff but didn'thappen she was not encouraging Butler pay whenever i feel like imtotally wasting my second chance at life youknow here it is a couple years after the accident still doesn't have a job doesn't noticeyou know he's network at schools that working out know that I am it just it's reallyfrustrating and something's gotta change even a little bit I'll the new inside own who's this way I will lose the purpose and a second chance 17at life I need Chris's house like there is no you know I find own his help changes arecan happen I'm good by for the whole and I'm angry beewas hot right now and a few other lines actually touringthe whole thing inside me the kids big is creamy Kentucky toresolve a mic once or twice every year he has no idea than not surprising thirdround bar teacher that's really cool it's kinda cool other trapeze stayed the same what I likeabout runs it although he's had some some bad cards dealt onover his life especially mean losing his arm she still has that that spark of hope and that's the thing that I'm lookingfor grows where some they'll be ready by can a spin and she doesn't completelybelieve in himself yet but hang know this will she's extraordinary just doesn't realizeit yet ruminating teaser like the authenticjerseys to Matthews woodson tiny prom night here as well work done on the both pic ready for the big game I I track its easy buddy just say the word training starts todaystandard on is actually.


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