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Amazing Your Lucky Skin

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I stole my makeup health change have openings in the Description box as to waiting at the finish in  Life Cell Skin most the bench and their I will show you guys when I get overview is from and also I'll put links or least way he can pick up some the organizational things that I use to storm and makeup they really hope you guys enjoy seeing my makeup collection so that confounded to begin with give you an overview of where.
I store my makeup this is also where I demo makeup and film my videos most the finish it he can stay as I mentioned is from IKEA have to lxi Joel is that you can see he I also had an IKEA stall and then the bench that goes on top of these is also from IKEA then I V here haven't Alex 9 Joel and that is west of people could my makeup I do have a couple other credit containers starting with what's on top of my vanity I had two years the one in the back is just a normal near Anthony’s from IKEA the one in the front is by simple human Ingot back from Amazon for those are you initially and they will ship here this one is a lot at me at that is magnified significantly. on the bench you can also see full containers that Hudson these up from Kmart I thought the last year but believe they still sell any stores all my brushes I have face brushes here or and foundation and concealed.
I have power to flash from the highlight and on my I pressures as well as my lip brushes mostly brushes that you see here I E that will take takes hacking Jose Matt I also have to look Sigma brushes and I'll have them  Life Cell Skin here from the bombard Veils either to the right I have couple acrylic containers I got these from a trend in two dollar store but I've seen thing in ad looking said those been shown that I would check recommend checking out to looking all hot dollar can pick these up.


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