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You can actually do that like do not have not called are not digitally Bruce Burkhart be in action brown rice and your base doing the same Cinematic Arts just did my them v the name done 1 I so today work I was going to be taxes hair all the exercises in the core exercise in lower quest just as at work you but acted young anyway it's just you I you may hit in her any my workout man just yet alright with her time last night 57 were 10 seconds grass and it exercises last night %uh EL and let's start actors I like old you yeah or the yes stop yeah guard yeah the world yeah them yes yeah up yes I yes no I'm right yeah yes all weld mall well yeah I'll old well here yeah loll yeah 100 of or I hand-held me for more important prom dress yeah that follow yet yeah will I yeah yes her little ass this said well I'm  Goji Xtreme yeah the world yeah year old yeah 0 hard yeah shield he used girl yeah Paul I scale yet alright my yeah a little bit hello so I have any all day queue les killed yeah her up yep 0 guard I yeah all he tell yeah Park lolls alright here tau I yep up the loved hulled yeah old I K scared I'm alright next like.

I'll this was tough and that's allot page I guess on the hell so lot of black so come up I'm yes area yes all love yet Paul love lower yes call low yet now block me not I yeah smart his army I'll well yes well Para not as my are my right well lot that prized walking part up use Luke right now I yeah all I yeah 0 she over I the whole 3 miss you yeah you shuttle yeah am almost their home this yeah okay the only your place squared I heat old I 0 called over pop called home yeah believed bird Yahiya 0 yeah that you yes polled called 0 crap yeah less hope and ho polled 0 my yes yeah I yeah do she then for she ship E she each she me sheets Sheikh she the down world I'll I yeah on yeah okay my home yeah old home yeah old home yeah called the mall hi yeah here home sheet alright some 10 s see nice to me yeah form this morning bruises brown rice now actually works to so make sure go ahead have all these categories and everything we meals and here's another b-day up when you ‘rereading this you're or size is the size up severe this %uh 1/2 times this so if this your car this and or one at times it and a look at it actually decides entirely me protein arms.


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