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How We Burn Fatness With Supplement

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a couple years ago when I went to the grocery store I’m reading every single loaf of bread every single one of them contain high fructose corn syrup so this is actually showing be a step in the right direction that consumers are getting more informed and the food manufacturers are realizing that hey we don't take the high fructose corn syrup at a bar fits so with this one I just want to illustrate that it so much shorter ingredient list doesn’t have nearly as much stuff in it as the other loaf of bread on and looking at these ingredients we can realize that well there's still some questionable things in here has slightly less than it again the Soyuz probably µg/ml so this is really the best option but it's definitely a step up from this guy and these were pretty similar in price cell that is our first thing talking about bread I'm minimally processed grains are tonnage your best bet if you do want to get greens in your diet if you'd like more information we have several videos on that topic so let's just keep moving right along here them next up we have healthy choice microwave meal and it says Happy well cell to be healthy right doing well let's see so we flip it over with they didn't have room for the ingredients there so they actually shows to use the entire ended this box as the ingredient list and when I really want to drive home in this video is that you don't need to get  Goji Xtreme out a magnifying glass and read every single thing on here and put it in the computer to lookup what it is you should just be able to glance at an ingredient label like this and realize while this is a really highly processed food and they've got a lot of weird chemicals in it probably safer.


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