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Opened 15 years ago

apparent Scribble error during package installation

Reported by: cobbe Owned by: cce
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Component: cce/scheme.plt Keywords:
Cc: Version: (4 1)
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Fresh svn checkout & build on 7 Sept 09, Mac OS 10.5.8, Intel. I deleted ~/Library/PLT Scheme/planet during the rebuild, so I'm going off a completely fresh planet installation.

I started DrScheme and typed

(require (planet jaymccarthy/sqlite:4:5/sqlite))

at the prompt, and got a slew of error messages. The only one that appears to be relevant to your package is the following:

require: unknown module: 'program
setup-plt: error: during Building docs for /Users/cobbe/Library/PLT Scheme/planet/300/
setup-plt: require: unknown module: 'program

(I'm not sure if the last line comes up while trying to build your module; there are lots of other error messages that seem to be coming from other packages.)

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