Ticket #449 (new defect)

Opened 12 years ago

JSON parser incorrectly parses '[' with newline and then ']'

Reported by: wjak56@… Owned by: dherman
Priority: major Milestone:
Component: dherman/json.plt Keywords: parse failure
Cc: wjak56@… Version: 4.0
Racket Version: 5.2.1


The following JSON fails to parse with "read: expected: digits, got: ]"

{ "a" : {
    "b": [

The following succeeds in parsing:

{ "a" : {
    "b": []}}]

So I'm guessing that the newline after the '[' is causing this (at least that's what my test case suggests). I've checked with a couple JSON validators (jsonlint.com being one) and this is indeed valid JSON (discovered from the blip.tv API if you're curious).

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