and .


06:49 Ticket #133 (Use of {{{set-cdr!}}}) created by untyped
Hi Jim, Webit! uses set-cdr!, which is no longer possible in PLT 4 …


16:29 Ticket #132 (Doesn't seem to work with PLT 4.1.3) created by anonymous
I see the following error: (require (planet …


13:48 Ticket #131 (stack trace is often mostly unusable) created by vegashacker
Stack traces in LeftParen? often begin like this, apparently skipping over …


14:30 Ticket #130 (Use of set-cdr!) created by anonymous
This package requires another package that uses set-cdr!


14:51 Ticket #129 (audit duplicate-variable errors/non-errors) created by dherman
Things like function(x,x){...} and duplicate imports.


16:00 Ticket #128 (cookie-less session + redirect => crashy crash) created by vegashacker
Reproduction: (0) Remove any cookies from your browser that you already …


17:58 Ticket #127 (errors on initial compile) created by clements
When I evaluate this program #lang scheme (require (planet …


10:39 Ticket #126 (blas-lapack.ss fails - remove function unknown) closed by wmfarr
This problem has now been resolved by plt-linalg version (1 8).
10:12 Ticket #126 (blas-lapack.ss fails - remove function unknown) created by damg
plt-linalg 1.7 fails to load on PLT 4.1 (gentoo) blas-lapack.ss fails …


10:59 Ticket #112 (implement modules) closed by dherman
Implemented in 8:0.
10:59 Ticket #108 (allow #lang line) closed by dherman
Fixed in 8:0.
10:59 Ticket #107 (bug when treating primitives as objects) closed by dherman
Fixed in 8:0.
10:59 Ticket #106 (implement Array library) closed by dherman
Fixed in 8:0.


12:38 Ticket #125 (Docs link unavailable; .DS_Store file unnecessary) created by vegashacker
It'd be great if you could get the docs link working. Nothing elaborate …


22:56 Ticket #124 (rename require.ss to main.ss) created by dougorleans@…
If you rename require.ss to main.ss, then one could require this package …


14:41 Ticket #123 (deprecate the S-expression syntax?) created by dherman
The prefab AST's sort of seem to obviate the S-expression syntax. They're …
14:20 Ticket #122 (coverage for compiler tests) created by dherman
Need tests for all the clauses in the compiler.
13:32 Ticket #121 (test infrastructure for different compilation modes) created by dherman
Need to be able to test module evaluation, script evaluation, and …
10:40 Ticket #120 (binding arrows in DrScheme broken) created by dherman
All the mucking with the implementation of variable binding has broken the …


03:45 Ticket #119 (Missing Scribble Sources) closed by untyped
I'd put the Scribble sources in a directory called "doc", which is a …


10:03 Ticket #119 (Missing Scribble Sources) created by murphy
Version (1 3) of the mirrors.plt package doesn't contain the Scribble …


11:24 Ticket #118 (What does "restart" actually do?) closed by vegashacker
I somehow dupe-created this bug. See #117 for the real thing.
11:23 Ticket #118 (What does "restart" actually do?) created by vegashacker
Submitted by Jean: "restart doesn't seem to restart the server"
11:23 Ticket #117 (What does "restart" actually do?) created by vegashacker
Submitted by Jean: "restart doesn't seem to restart the server"
11:22 Ticket #116 (long startup time) created by vegashacker
Submitted be Jean: "server is very long to start (around 1 mn)"


11:38 Ticket #115 (represent JS booleans as Scheme booleans) created by dherman
Should use #t and #f for the booleans. This will mean: * …
11:34 Ticket #114 (Doc warnings) created by samth@…
setup-plt: WARNING: undefined tag in …


16:09 Ticket #113 (implement completion values tail-recursively) created by dherman
The current implementation of completion values works by wrapping …
10:07 Ticket #112 (implement modules) created by dherman
Implement a #lang module language that supports imports and exports …
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