and .


19:22 Ticket #147 (Planet breakage? Some surprising dependencies from xmlrpc.plt) created by goetter@…
Something in xmlrpc's chain of dependencies seems to pull in a very old …
14:05 Ticket #19 (couple bugs) closed by dherman
Fixed a long time ago in 1:1, I think.
10:32 Ticket #20 (rendering of Scheme values) closed by dherman
Fixed in 1:2.


12:36 Ticket #146 (Unable to get static files to serve with (1 8) version) closed by untyped
For some reason version 1.8 contained an outdated copy of site.ss. …


19:45 Ticket #146 (Unable to get static files to serve with (1 8) version) created by vegashacker
I've created as simple a test project as I could to reproduce the problem. …


17:18 Ticket #117 (What does "restart" actually do?) closed by vegashacker
In LeftParen? version 0.5 (PLaneT version (4 0)), there is no longer a …


17:43 Ticket #145 (Doesn't work on mac os x ppc) closed by wmfarr


02:50 Ticket #123 (deprecate the S-expression syntax?) closed by dherman
Superseded by "Parenthetical JavaScript?," implemented in 9:0.
02:49 Ticket #98 (implement lambda) closed by dherman
Implemented in 9:0 as "block literals".
02:49 Ticket #113 (implement completion values tail-recursively) closed by dherman
Implemented in 9:0.
02:49 Ticket #115 (represent JS booleans as Scheme booleans) closed by dherman
Implemented in 9:0.
02:48 Ticket #37 (implement proper tail recursion) closed by dherman
Implemented as a Harmony experimental feature in 9:0.


23:37 Ticket #145 (Doesn't work on mac os x ppc) created by anonymous
On PLT Scheme 4.1.2 it fails the testing. It can't open the SO31.dylib.


13:46 Ticket #132 (Doesn't seem to work with PLT 4.1.3) closed by untyped
Fixed in version 1.6.


14:30 Ticket #144 ("require" in docs seems out-of-date) created by vegashacker
If I use the require at the top of the docs […] If I use the require …


19:35 Ticket #143 (Request for docs on interaction model) created by clements@…
It's unclear from the docs how what the model is for an interaction …
09:35 Ticket #142 (incompatible with planet dherman/memoize:3:1) created by eric.hanchrow@…
$ mzscheme --version Welcome to MzScheme? v4.1.3 [3m], Copyright (c) …


19:13 Ticket #141 (doesn't parse a lone number) created by vegashacker
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