and .


12:36 Ticket #196 (Could not find any of (libcblas libgslcblas) under paths (/usr/lib)) closed by wmfarr
I've added the /usr/libsse2 search path for linux systems in the (1 11) …


15:41 Ticket #196 (Could not find any of (libcblas libgslcblas) under paths (/usr/lib)) created by anonymous
add search path "/usr/libsse2"


21:42 Ticket #192 (Support for working copy features) closed by murphy
A set of working copy features is now available through (planet …
18:23 Ticket #195 (prime? of neg. number doesn't end) created by carolynoates@…
for example: (prime? -99) Obviously only an abs is needed.


15:17 Ticket #194 (problem including this file from planeT) created by anonymous
This does not work (require (planet synx/xml-maker:1:0))I get the …


04:34 Ticket #178 (wrong documented contract for check forms) closed by schematics
Fixed in svn. Thanks.


19:48 Ticket #193 (Does not load without errors) created by clipper.victory@…
After loading with "require", drScheme waits for a few minutes and finaly …
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