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13:06 Ticket #302 (define/memo doesn't save time for funs of arity > 1) created by clements@…
It appears that define/memo is missing all of the time for functions of …


02:58 Ticket #301 (Plane Issue) created by anonymous
 http://www.rhinosgirls.com didn't open a new window when one was …


02:15 Ticket #300 (Structural equality broken) created by dvanhorn
01:58 Ticket #299 (Cannot typecheck (equal? (list) (list))) created by dvanhorn
With regular lists, (equal? (list) (list)) can be type checked, but not …
01:37 Ticket #298 (Better error messages for accessors) created by dvanhorn
Compare the quality of the error messages below. The PFDS library could …


16:57 Ticket #296 (map not usable in untyped contexts) reopened by dvanhorn
I still get this error in version 1.4.
05:00 Ticket #297 (enhance define-datatype to handle #:property prop:equal+hash) created by anonymous
Hi Dave, I'm very fond of your define-datatype macro as it enables me to …
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